Friday, August 11, 2006

UN fiddles while Lebanon burns

The United Nations has once again proved itself to be the plaything of the strategic, essentially oil/corporate, interests of the major powers. While Lebanon burns, the UN fiddles, giving the Israeli government time to finish what it started. The resolution before the UN demands the disarming of Hezbollah but not of Israel, which has the fifth largest military force on the planet. There is not even a demand for Israel to quit attacking Lebanon.

As for UN resolutions about Israel, they remain a dead letter. The General Assembly has passed over 60 resolutions since 1955, including the famous 242 which demands that Israel pulls out of the West Bank and Gaza. Where are the Security Council sanctions against Israel for failing to comply? Where are the calls for the scrapping of Israel’s weapons of mass destruction? Israel has nuclear missiles, although it will never say so. Why is Israel allowed to have a nuclear device and not Iran, for example?

How different it was over Iraq. Sanctions led to the deaths of thousands of children and an UN resolution was used as a cover by the US and Britain to invade that country. Having a UN is a fine idea. Having the major powers use the Security Council to rubber stamp their imperial ambitions makes the current set up a waste of space.

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