Monday, January 15, 2007

The UK’s Unheard of Detainee

HMP Long Lartin is UK’s Guatanamo - approved and made legal by SIAC (Special Immigration Appeal Commission) - a secret court with secret evidence. At least detainees in the US Guatanamo in Camp Delta are in a detention centre and recently they got the right and the prospect of a trial in US open courts. But here in the UK, in the mother of democracy, freedom of speech and human rights in a civil society, detainees like me are being held in a high security prison (Long Lartin) and treated worse than convicted prisoners (Cat. A). Despite the row about prison over-crowding, a whole unit, half of it is empty, is designed for detainees so they don’t mix with other prisoners in the same establishment and to keep them in total isolation held without interview, charge, trial or a prospect of a fair deal or release.

Indefinite detention (imprisonment) the same as 2001 laws, but covered and legalised by Judges in SAIC on the basis of secret evidence that no one is even allowed to see or challenge. Not the detainees and their lawyers. Only the Home Office (who at the same time is the prosecution) and one Judge in SIAC Court can see this so-called secret evidence if there is such evidence?! The Home Office or the Prosecutor can speak up and make his case in SIAC and in the media and elsewhere but the detainee has no rights. He is banned from the media, from seeing the evidence brought against him and from challenging the Home Office. The BBC and other media have been to US Guatanamo but they can’t visit UK Guantanamo in Evesham, Worcestershire. I don’t know why? The want us totally isolated in a high security prison - not Belmarsh this time - but far away from London so we can be forgotten and only used as escape goats when needed by the security services to frighten and scare the nation in the UK and the Home Secretary uses us to show that he is doing a good job by keeping the UK safe from people who lived here for 5, 10, 15 years as normal citizens.

I don’t know really who is the fright here and who is not. Who is the oppressed and who is the oppressor. Is this justice? Is this fair?? All the detainees are suffering from mental, physical and psychological torture and I mean torture! We have been, and still are, bullied, segregated, used and abused by this Government and SIAC only because we are Muslim, refugees or asylum seekers. Helpless and hopeless with no one to speak for us (like a lamb between a bunch of wolves). Human Rights Watch says that the UK is involved in torture. I wonder why? Yes. Everything I said is happening here under a Government who went to Afghanistan and Iraq to spread justice, freedom and democracy. Is this a joke or politics? How can someone give what he hasn’t got?!So for anyone who reads or hears my message - please help us, please do something, please say something. After all, we are all human beings. Mankind. So please help us.
Thank you very very much.
Mustapha TalebTT5432HMP Long Lartin

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